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Words of Watch Heads

A little watch talk with Mr. Haagen. About a tractor being his first car and not giving a damn about what you think of his 'Haagenbracelets' Read More
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Writer's Opinion

My Baselworld 2017 eye-opener

Baselworld 2017; the harsh truth Baselworld 2017 is history. The last drinks have been consumed and people have returned to their respective homes, offices and countries. An event that, if i may believe, can be count amongst the biggest, largest, most hyped fairs in the world. A place where watch freaks from across the globe meet and discuss their most…

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At Baselworld 2017 | Zenith

Zenith Watches That the watch industry has been in quite bad weather the last couple of months is nothing new. Premium brands, respected movement developers and production companies have been struck by – what seems – a difficulty that’s far from over. As a result, brands tend to go back to their roots. As seen this year, the big boys…

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