Who’s Farer?

Launched in October 2015 by founders Stuart Finlayson, Ben Lewin, Jono Holt and Paul Sweetenham.

At Farer, we are passionate about creating watches that make the perfect companion for life’s adventures. Our collection of watches is named after
iconic British explorers and vessels that perfectly define the true spirit of Farer: ambition beyond the ordinary. Launching our new Aqua Compressor Automatic collection, we have taken inspiration from some of the most ambitious British exploration vessels.


Our watches are inspired by the halcyon era of watchmaking, when bold colours and contrasting textures were combined with the best craftsmanship. We strive to make the finest-quality watches – that’s why we only use Swiss-made movements, sapphire crystal glass, the highest-grade metals and fine leather straps across every collection. Bold use of colour and innovative detailing in the dial design give Farer watches a refined ‘second look’. Our signature Farer ‘A’ marque can be seen on the second hand and is precisely cast into the signature bronze crown, which will age and patinate over time to give your watch its own unique look.

In the heyday of Swiss watchmaking the art of the dial was as important as the movement

The use of colour and detail are the standout features on any Farer watch. In the heyday of Swiss watchmaking the art of the dial was as important as the movement; designers were brought in to breathe new life into a tired approach. Every dial we design begins life on paper in our Hyde Park London studio. We spend huge amounts of time crafting new colour combinations, testing materials and experimenting with contrasting finishes to develop innovative detailing. 

Farer Aqua Compressor Collection

Farer Aqua Compressor Hecla

New classical Dive watch

Farer watches is a personal favorite of mine. Not because they do weird things or reinvent the wheel, but because they appreciate simplicity and functionality. Key aspects in a watch.

We already saw their automatic three hand and GMT collection, and now there’s a Dive watch too. Better said: a dive trio. Farer introduces their Aqua Compressor Collection with three new models: the Endeavour, Hecla and Leven. Three watches with a distinct dive look. The watch nerd immediately sees the compressor cases as probably the most recognizable characteristic of a true diver.

With roots within the grey, foggy boundaries of England, Farer creates a watch that fits perfectly when wanting to leave the island. The Aqua Compressor Collection is the missing link in the already cool and versatile collection of Farer. The cushion-shaped case has a slight vintage feel to it, and fits perfectly within the look and feel of a proper dive watch. Fun fact: Farer tells us the watch works as well in the water as it does on land. Seems like a decent statement, happy to know it’ll work in each environment.

Farer Aqua Compressor Collection

Farer Aqua Compressor Leven

Vintage principals adjusted to modern-day standards

The Super-compressor case as we know it, works with a very solid but simple principle. As the water pressure on the outside of the watch raises, the gaskets on the inside of the case are compressed. As a result of this, the watch becomes more and more water resistant while diving to greater depths. However, the Super-compressor cases back in the days had their flaws. Creating a water-resistant watch was a real challenge. Farer decided to evolve the case in such way, they deliver a dive watch that meets modern-day standards.

As a result of this, Farer was able to deliver a Super-compressor case that’s water-resistant up to 300 meters. A nice value and in my opinion one that should be standard for a dive watch. However, I highly doubt that a wearer ever dives to a depth of 300 meters. Yes, I know there are always a few exceptions, but there a still more desk divers than real divers.

Farer Aqua Compressor Collection

Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavour

Developed purely for practical use

To assure a watch without any flaws (if you find one, let us know), the Farer watch makers decided to create a cushion case. The case’s shape is made in such way it’s able to resist more force than general designs. Besides that, the case is carved from one piece of 316L Stainless Steel, which results in a design that’s able to withstand a few bumps here and there. Although throwing it around the yard won’t be recommended.


All three of the dive watches are equipped with an ETA 2824-2 Elaboré movement (without date) and a rotor with an engraving of the Farer logo. Since the watch is build for proper functionality, the movement has no need for being very spectacular or special, which means the ETA 2824-2 movement is a suitable sturdy movement with great quality. Perfectly suitable for this type of watch you’d say.

The width of the case measures 41.5mm, a height of 12.5mm and lug to lug is 45mm. A proper size for a dive watch. The watch has different polished surfaces and a fine decorative edge lip cut into the case underneath the bezel. The inner bezel – if you like to know – is unidirectional, it turns with a click per minute, which means 60 clicks to get it back in it’s original position. Unscrew the crown and off you go.

Characteristic for a Farer watch is the solid bronze crown, which features their ‘A’ engraving and spring-back release. The bronze crown is there to adjust the time, and the stainless steel crown is there to adjust the inner bezel. Which is controlled with the classic Super-compressor hatchet. The watch can be yours for a price starting at €1225. Which is a fair amount for these specifications.

Check out the pictures to judge for yourself which one you like the most. Check out their website for more information. Which dive concept do you like more, this compressor approach or the more ‘standard’ dive watch?