The new HYT Colorblock Models
Each time HYT creates something new, I am all ears. The way they visualize timekeeping is something I really adore and love seeing in ‘alternative watchmaking’. To celebrate their 3th birthday, they’ve reinvented their first creation: the H1. Since this is a rather cool timepiece with enough novelties to keep it cool for at least another century or 10, it’s no problem that the biggest change is the colourway of these three new H1 pieces. We present you the HYT Colorblock Models. Red, Yellow and Blue.


HYT Colorblock Models

Red, Yellow and Blue. HYT Watches©

Red, Yellow and Blue
When I first saw these three new kids on the bock, I have to admit, I was a bit worried. Wondering if HYT started some sort of collaboration with LEGO or M&M’s. After all, in the ‘adult’ world of watches, colours like these are often found on aftermarket custom pieces, rather than brand fabricated pieces. Yes, yes, Richard Mille, Fiona Kruger, Franck Muller etc. I know, but overall, red, yellow and blue aren’t very common. Digging deeper into the news, I learned that HYT chose these colours as they make the 3th anniversary a special one.


HYT Colorblock Models

Blue. HYT Watches©

HYT; we expect no standard things
Since this brand has a very unique vision on the whole industry and the way they create their timepieces, it’s no strange thing to add three of such coloured pieces to their collection. In my opinion, these three colours are a great way to tell the industry: ‘f*ck your standards, we do what we like and love to do’. Chapeau.


HYT Colorblock Models

Caseback. HYT Watches©

It’s in the details
A HYT veteran – as far as that’s impossible with a brand this young – will recognize certain details coming from other HYT creations. The black liquid is no new thing, it was first used by HYT in their H1 Full Gold and can now be found in these Colorblock models. Besides the liquid, there’s a minute hand that looks very familiar. Coming from the H1 Ghost. You could say this is a rather cheap way of creating a new watch, but I don’t think HYT is worried about having to create new minute hands. No, these characteristics make the Colorblock models very faithful towards their ancestors. The very first H1, taking contemporary watchmaking to a whole new level.


HYT Colorblock Models

Yellow. HYT Watches©

Limited to 10 pieces for each colour
These three new bad boys will be available from the beginning of October and will be produced in a total of 30 pieces. 10 pieces for each colour. A wild guess says the yellow one will be sold out first, since this is the one that carries the HYT characteristic colour. But then again, if I’m honest, I don’t think these 30 pieces have a hard time finding an owner. After all, you can’t disagree these HYT’s are crazy cool. If you disagree, you’re just not cool enough.  

That’s a joke of course.


Fun facts for fun
These three newbies will have a diameter of 48mm and a thickness of 17.9mm. It is fair to say that wearing one of these will definitely attract attention. However, that’s exactly what you want wearing a HYT timepiece. After all, wearing these unique technical genius pieces deserves to be seen. All of the three colourways have a HYT exclusive movement. 35 jewels, 4Hz and 28.800 Vph. A nice 65 hours of power reserve give you enough time to give it a little rest before being tremendously cool again. Why would you even think about leaving this timepiece on your nightstand for more than 2 days? Please. The case is made out of Titanium gun metal with various satin-finished, shot-peened and brushed surfaces.


HYT Colorblock Models

All Red. HYT Watches©

Overall conclusion
Can’t get cooler than this. Even if your drinking a beer on the North pole while watching a game with your best friends and 10 of the hottest chicks on this earth. No, you’re still not cooler than these three bad asses. HYT seems to create a platform for themselves that gives them the ability to create a real cool environment for contemporary watchmaking. As with all products – from cars to toothbrushes – it is all a matter of personal taste. Since I write this conclusion and nobody else will do this for me, I’m free to share my opinion. I won’t do it, because I already did it. HYT, happy belated birthday and keep on creating crazy cool stuff like this!