Pre-Basel news is always exciting. Brands come up with novelties that have been preserved for this moment and we are at the side-line. As a bunch of hungry lions, ready to devour all the news that cross our path. Sometimes, it tastes as bad as dog poo – other times it tastes delicious. In case of the Legacy Machine 2 in Titanium: it’s sweeter than anything you can imagine.  MB&F

At first you would think MB&F decided to only add a different type of material to the collection and leave the design untouched. However, this is not totally true. The eagle-eyed individual will notice a few changes here and there. We see it as fine-tuning something that was already nearly perfect (in our eyes).  

Adjustments in design
The first thing that will catch your eye probably is the vivid green dial used in this Legacy Machine. What’s funny about the MB&F creations in general, is the fact that the unusual dial colours don’t seem to bother anyone. Normally, you would say ‘it’s a matter of taste’, but it’s hard to imagine that you don’t like the Legacy Machine – regardless the colour of the dial.  MB&F

So now, the Legacy Machine 2 can be found with a black dial, a silver dial, a blue dial and – as latest addition – this cool green dial. That means if you’re ever lucky enough to encounter one. Although the dial can be stated as the biggest difference compared to the existing models, it doesn’t stop there. I know, exciting right? 

Next in line: the bezel. Previous models came with a bezel that had the same finish as the case. This Titanium model has a polished bezel which makes it look a little bit smoother. In fact, this new bezel makes the case a staggering 1mm slimmer than its predecessors. Aesthetics are fine-tuned to the max with this model.  MB&F

Furthermore, we see smooth and rounded bridges that support the flying balance wheels. Whereas the previous models carry rectangular bridges. A small detail, but one that makes the total package a bit smoother than it was. As I said, it’s not that we don’t like the previous models. I would even like it when it’s paint-splattered by Alec Monopoly – no please don’t, I’m joking – but it’s always good to see that such a creation never stops evolving.  MB&F

As you may have noticed, happiness is amongst us when it comes to this news. The MB&F creations will never ever get boring, we love it. The same goes for this LM2 ‘Ti’. It may get boring that we are always enthusiastic when it comes to this brand, but hey – you don’t have to agree with us. MB&F


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