Stand up, speak up
As we all know, Swiss Made is a little bit clownish. Clownish you say? Yes, clownish. What I mean with that is the fact that the stamp ‘Swiss Made’ doesn’t mean shit nowadays. Or at least, almost nothing. After all, there’s not much needed for a brand to create a watch that legally caries the ‘Swiss Made’ stamp. Since January this year, the percentage of the costs from a ‘Swiss Made’ movement and case that comes from Switzerland needs to be at least 60%.  

That’s a big change (not really), since this was 50% up until now. However, it still doesn’t make any sense. We all know, manufacturers and brands have found different ways to trick this system. For instance, creating 70 very cheap parts in foreign countries and using 10 enormously expensive parts coming from Swiss soil, resulting in a balance that meets the requirements of this system. Anyhow, to make a long story short: ‘Swiss Made’ doesn’t have to mean a goddamn thing. After all, there are watches on the market saying Swiss Made, while one is as Swiss as the Alps and the other one is as Swiss as an imported cow who’s great-grandfather has been eating a bucket of Swiss grass, while strolling down memory-lane in Brussels. Moser & Cie.

Which brand takes the first step
For us, it was a long wait to see which brand would have the guts to stand up and face this problem. It’s a job that needs to be well-executed or else, other brands and annoying people like us, would make minced-meat out of you. Anyhow, a while ago, a brand stood up and made it very clear that they would like to redefine the way watches were valued. This brand is Moser & Cie. and boy, did they stand up 

They started their #MakeSwissMadeGreatAgain story about a month ago. Declaring the difference between the consumer’s perception of Swiss Made and the reality when it comes to how brands accomplish their Swiss Made status, Moser & Cie decided to no longer use the Swiss Made stamp on their watches. Instead of that, they told us that there would be a new watch, 100% Swiss. Now, if that isn’t interesting, than nothing is. After all, a 100% Swiss watch, what would that look like? Would we even be able to spot the difference? 

The Swiss Mad Watch
No, we did not lose the ‘e’ and we didn’t miss it either. The Swiss Mad watch by Moser & Cie. is as mad as the hundred ways you can think of. It’s mad about the Swiss Made crap, it’s mad about where the industry is going and – above all – it’s a mad creation. This watch is made out of cheese. Now, we have heard a lot of crazy stuff the last couple of years, but a watch made out of cheese definitely beats them all. How the hell do you even get the idea of trying to create a watch case made from cheese?  Moser & Cie.

Anyhow, this is Moser’s answer to the hype and false promises that come with the Swiss Made regulations. Moser & Cie. has made a watch that’s 100% Swiss. Created in Switzerland, by Swiss watchmakers with Swiss products, the Shaffhausen-based brand has created their answer to the new rules applied by the industry. After all, anyone can start a discussion, pop-up some facts or speak with words at an Einstein-level, but this.. this is the perfect way to speak. We totally agree with them and creating this timepiece has given them unlimited powers. Moser & Cie. has already become the Gladiator of the industry. And, I don’t know about you, but I like this cheesy one better than the Russel Crowe one.  

The case exists out of real Swiss cheese combined with an innovative composite material, creating the only suitable case for a 100% Swiss watch. The strap is made out of real Swiss cowhide and the dial comes in a red fumé colour with double white indices at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Of course representing the Swiss flag. The watch will cost 1.081.291 Swiss Francs and to top it off: all of the proceeds from the sale of this watch will be used for a fund to support independent Swiss watchmaking suppliers. Which, as we all know, suffer enormously under the current economical situations.  Moser & Cie.

Hooray for Moser & Cie.
I admire this story as much as I admire the pope for finally accepting condoms as a useful product. How necessarily a change was needed within the Catholic world, the same can be said about the watch industry. There are way too much things that make a certain piece or brand look like a real badass, while reality shows us that it’s just a nice act. As with all necessary changes, there has to be one that’s willing to stand up and catch the grenade for the ones behind him. Now, I don’t think this action will harm Moser & Cie. in any way, but still, they did what was necessary.  

There’s no room for false promises or fake quality measurements. Moser & Cie. understands that and acts how any industry-caring brand should act. After all, it may look good and come in handy that the Swiss Made stamp is easily acquired, on a long-term basis this will definitely harm the industry. Something that should be considered by all brands.  

Reference 8327-1400, model made with Swiss cheese, red fumé dial, Swiss cowhide leather strap, unique piece   

Cheese integrated with itr2 © composite material
Diameter: 42.0 mm, height: 9.4 mm
Sapphire crystal
See-through sapphire crystal case-back
Crown adorned with an “M”  

Red fumé with sunburst pattern
White lacquered applique indexes and hour and minute hands in the shape of a swallow’s tail  

In-house, hand-wound, mechanical HMC 327 calibre
Dimensions: 32.0 mm or 14 ¼ lignes, height: 4.5 mm
Frequency: 18,000 Vib/h 29 jewels
Power reserve: minimum 3 days
Moser teeth for all wheels and pinions
Original Straumann Hairspring® with stabilised Breguet overcoil   

Hours and minutes
Power reserve indicator on movement side  

Hand-stitched cowhide leather strap
Steel pin buckle, engraved with the Moser logo


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