Alpina Aviation

FIrst of all, let me start off by saying: Please shorten the model names for your watches guys! We would like to show you what’s the subject of interest for each article, but with titles like these, you’re already exhausted after reading the heading. So, keep it clean and simple. It’s not like the quality and looks of a watch are determined by a name that lives in two different dimensions.

Alpina is a brand we all know for their rich history in aviation. Not very surprisingly they introduce us a new aviation watch then. The Startimer collection is known to underline Alpina’s connection to aviation and has a rich history. As a part of the revival of this collection, the Pilot Quartz Big Date Chronograph (this exercise never gets old) has been given a fresh touch.

The Pilot Quartz Big Date Chronograph

The new version comes with a camo-pattern on the dial, existing out of black and grey. It comes in a monstrous case measuring 44mm in diameter, treated with a black PVD coating. Fits perfectly with the feeling Alpina tries to create with this timepiece.

The crown is screwed in the case, so it has proper protection. The sub-dials for the chronograph are placed on 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and have a black glossy finish. The numerals are luminous which assure good visibility at night. This comes in handy when you still want to be visible while having that badass camo. So if you might lose it, at night, in the dark – no matter how well camouflaged, you’ll always find it.

This pilot watch will come for around 995 Swiss Franks, which means it’s a rather good player in that segment, especially with all their knowledge. After all, in our opinion, Alpina is most definitely a leading brand regarding pilot’s watches. Which one do you prefer? This modern-day interpretation or the vintage re-issue?