The new Romain Jerome Pikachu
Romain Jerome is not a stranger when it comes to weird timepieces or creations that have a ‘I don’t give sh*t’ attitude. Their latest piece: the Romain Jerome Pikachu, is such a watch. Based on their bestselling model – the Moon Invader – this watch is as crazy as the name suspects. What do you get? You get a black Moon Invader watch with a dial displaying an enamel yellow Pikachu. I’m sure this watch isn’t targeting any serious buyers, but that’s the cool thing with it. To celebrate 20 years of Pokémon, RJ will create 20 pieces. Let’s be honest, how cool is that? I would love to be one of 20 lucky owners of a watch that doesn’t take life too seriously.


Romain Jerome Pikachu

Romain Jerome Pikachu. Romain Jerome©

The crazier, the better
Romain Jerome is known for pieces that make you doubt the level of seriousness of the brand. We already met a Tetris version, a Space Invaders version, one that houses Super Mario and a Pacman version. Now, there’s a Pokémon version. Hooray for anybody that loves 90’s games. The funny thing about all of this? The watch heads that take their time – which is extremely precious anyway – and waste it on a discussion about the level of these watches. I’ve seen a few complains here and there on social media about this Pikachu edition, but I couldn’t carry less. And a wild guess would suggest the design department at RJ doesn’t care too. After all, it’s the brands signature move to shock the industry every once in a while with a timepiece that brings a smile to a rich Super Mario fan or a Tetris addict who inherited a lot of money. Or, at least enough to buy a watch costing $18.950.


All hail Romain Jerome
If you ask me, I really like these kinds of things. Why? Because there’s need for a company or a brand that does things like this. Remember your time as a student? There’s always that one kid in your class that throws a little joke in every now and then. In my opinion, Romain Jerome does that too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not only funny pieces they create. The Skylab collection for instance, those are some serious machines. If you’re not into youth memories, there are enough alternatives. Anyhow, I really like the Pokémon version. A big fat wink to everyone who’s afraid to leave the path taken by the masses.


Romain Jerome Pikachu

Case Back with Pokémon stamp. Romain Jerome©

The looks of wearing a Pikachu on your wrist
As said, this watch is based on the Moon Invader. The Titanium case has the recognisable shape introduced first at BaselWorld 2010 as an extension of the Moon Dust DNA collection. Where the ‘normal’ Moon Invader models have place for a little silver moon medal (with real moon dust in it, if you didn’t know already) placed on the case back, this new Pokémon version has a recognisable silver medal with the ‘Pokémon’ logo engraved in it.


On the dial, we find a huge Pikachu smiling as if you won the Pokémon League without problems. Placed on the 9 o’clock position, there’s a lightning bold hand-painted with the same yellow enamel as the Pikachu. The black baseplate with lightning pattern used for the dial is either sand-blasted or satin-brushed to create a certain depth. To top it all off, the watch is strapped around your wrist with a vulcanized rubber strap, of course in the same yellow colour as that little electrifying monster on the dial. It won’t be a watch that silently disappears underneath your cuff, but that’s not what you want. Or at least I wouldn’t want that.


Overall conclusion
I can’t discuss this watch with anybody and not burst into laughter, but I think that’s not wrong in this particular situation. After all, as I said before, it is not the first time that RJ launches a watch like this. It suits their craziness – wanting to escape every now and then. With that in mind, you should buy this watch with a smile and not care about others opinion. Yeah, it may look very strange on a party with people wearing a AP, Patek, Rolex or IWC.. but does that matter? I already adore all of the 20 buyers of this watch. Those people like to have a little fun every once in a while and – above all – they are not afraid to be different. I think Romain Jerome is the track suit for an industry that wears tailored suits way too much and needs to chill every once in a while.

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