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The Jeweller, Words of Watch Heads

Story-Teller of vintage watches at Tempus |Maria Giovanna Piva

Talking about watches can be seen as talking in a universal language; watch enthusiasts from across the globe can get together and chat for hours without getting bored for a second. As this passion, this subject is something a lot of people like to talk about, it’s a natural cause you’ll find a lot of different individuals in this world….

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Words of Watch Heads

Eat, Sleep, Patek, Repeat | Patekaholic

Watch collectors come in all shapes and sizes. There are collectors that search for particular complications, some only want skeletonized timepieces and others only collect watches from a specific brand. This last category tends to contain collectors that have a lot similar with a brand’s history book. They know everything about the brand they collect and by everything, we mean…

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