BaselWorld 2017 is coming
Yes, ladies and gents, BaselWorld 2017 is almost here. We will be attending the event from the 23th  until the 26th. Providing ourselves with the latest developments regarding watches, but also providing you with the best shots of the coolest watches.  

To give you a little indication of what to expect during this year’s edition, we’ll be highlighting two watches each day from now on. This way you’ll get a little bit of a head start. After all, who doesn’t love a head start? If you like, feel free to share your opinion on these watches, why you like ‘em or why they should be send on a one-way trip to the trash can. Please do take notice, these aren’t all new watches, but that doesn’t matter.  

In order to keep our true identity – that one that loves to hate if necessary and loves to praise if possible – we will judge these timepieces with our ‘wristcandy-meter’. The meter has a maximum ranking of five Candy watches. Of course, the higher our wristcandymeter ranks, the cooler it is. Let the games begin.  

Advision Partime – partime classic
Oh yes, first one to kick off this daily update is the partime classic by Advision Partime. A creation coming from the genius mind of Andreas Mossner. Why is this particular piece so special? Well, to be honest, it’s not the movement that blows us away. However, the way Mr. Mossner decided to display time is one we adore. We’re always enthusiastic when it comes to designs and concepts that play with traditional way of displaying time. In this case, traditional means ‘hands only’.  

The watch works as following: the time is displayed on an LCD-display. Not in the digital way you see at your alarm-clock, but with a vertical and horizontal line. Resulting in a 90 degrees angle crawling across the screen as the day evolves. Referring to this partially filled screen, the name ‘partime’ evidently expresses the essence of this timepiece. The horizontal line displays the hours, whereas the vertical line displays minutes.  

The partime classic comes in a stainless steel case measuring 45mm in diameter. Water-resistant up to 30 meters and 18 months of battery life. Yes, it’s a Quartz, but that’s totally acceptable with such creativity. For the ones that do like the watch a bit more flashy, it’s possible to buy it with a black, pink-gold toned or brushed silver-toned PVD finish. Besides that, you can choose between a leather strap (brown, white or black), a silicon strap (white or black) and a bracelet in a black or brushed silver-toned colour.  

A cool watch, with a new way of displaying time, one we love. Yes I hear you when you say ‘it’s Quartz blabla’, but who cares? Creativity isn’t bound to any regulations. Maybe that’s the problem of most watch brands. We are interested in the look and feel of this timepiece, may the Force be with us and provide us with a partime classic that feels solid and gives you the idea you  should own it.

2 wristcandies for the Partime classic. Because it plays with time displaying.








ArtyA – Race Red Oz
It wouldn’t be an ArtyA timepiece, if it wasn’t odd. Most of the time, ArtyA timepieces are a fairly strange bunch of mechanical creations. Strange ArtyA seems to work following a strict formula: create a timepiece of high quality. Make sure it’s luxurious and then add something unusual like flower prints or strange butterfly-looking shapes on the dial. I think it’s safe to say that if you want to be different, you should definitely consider buying an ArtyA timepiece.

The Race Red Oz is no different from its brothers. This time, ArtyA created a timepiece that only functions properly – read: displays time in such a way you can actually read it – if the Oz rim in front of the dial spins at full speed. What? Yes, they put a rim in front of the dial so that you can’t see the hands properly. Why? Well, it’s their way of nodding back to the history of Racing tracks. In particular the Nascar circuit and the whole vibe surrounding this sports in the 1950’s.

The wheel is actually placed right through the sapphire crystal, giving you the possibility to feel it turn when you touch it. At the back of the watch, the rotor or oscillating weight is shaped in such a way that it shows the looks of a tachometer. The watch exists out of 99 pieces and will be available with a red and blue colourway. Its movement consist out of an mechanical automatic ArtyA calibre with 52 hours of power reserve. The stainless steel case measures 44.5mm in diameter and is topped with a black PVD coating. The watch comes with a calfskin or crocodile leather strap or a bracelet.  

I like the fun factor in this watch a lot, however I have my doubts about the necessity to move the rim in order to show the time. I can imagine this can be the perfect formula for some stressful events. 

1 wristcandy for this ArtyA piece. It’s different, but can be annoying at the same time.










Visit the Advision Partime website here.
Visit the ArtyA website here.