Romain Jerome
Not a stranger to most watch-loving people, Romain Jerome is always a surprise when it comes to their watches. Last October, it became very clear that we are a huge fan of what they are doing. The limited edition Pikachu watch they made, was an instant hit. Why? Well, there are – luckily – enough daredevils that want to buy such a watch and make a statement. Being different is awesome and being different with that limited edition Pikachu watch was most certain.

Surprise, surprise
So, this year the biggest novelty was the Octopus. A reinterpretation of the dive watch we know from RJ, that has been amongst us for quite a while. A very cool watch with a huge amount of luminous accents on the dial. A must-have if you want to be a true cool dude, like really really cool. However.. however ladies and gentlemen. We’ve seen something that’s surpasses the definition ‘cool’ and takes you to levels you have never seen before. I see you thinking ‘omg, what could that be??’.

Well, if you want to define us as ‘crazy’ that’s okay. You can do that after reading this article and we’ll enjoy it because it’s great to be crazy. The funny thing is, this must be the exact same thought they had at the RJ Headquarters. Because, they decided to create a piece unique with a tourbillon. Not just any piece unique, no, one that we can call the ‘master ball’ in their collection. If you are a bit familiar with Pokémon, you will know that as soon as you have the master ball, everything else seems useless.

The new piece unique ‘Tourbillon Pokémon’ is here. A one piece only timepiece with all the egards you need to stand out. A tourbillon watch with an enamel dial, a size of 48mm and the most famous pokémons displayed in all their respected colors. A watch that can be yours for $200.000. Now, I could try and explain to you why you should buy this piece, but I don’t feel that’s necessary. The watch is as cool as it gets and if you don’t understand that, well then you’ll never be a true Pokémon trainer.

Don’t forget to wink
Of course, this is a fair amount of money for this watch and if you’re parked in a Safe Haven, you’ll probably pretend you’re sleeping during this news. However, as you can clearly read in the article we did about the Pikachu watch, this is exactly what Romain Jerome wants. To be in a position to do things that might be classified as weird or crazy, but respected by a few people who look further than just design aspects. As they always say ‘a watch compliments its wearer’. Well, here you go. This is exactly what this tourbillon will do.

If you take life very serious – which would be very stupid since everyone only lives once – you won’t buy a timepiece like this. If you’re looking for something unique and very rare you will. But if you want to make a statement, show other people that you’re fun to be around and understand that the industry needs more of this – you’re created to buy a watch like this.

If you read this news and laugh at RJ for creating something like this, you’ll probably don’t get the point they are making. A watch doesn’t have to be dead serious, the same goes with life. Try to understand that a good balance between serious things and enjoying things is necessary to happily walk through life.

Can you imagine, wearing this watch while at a party and telling other people it’s the only one in the world. Going even further and telling them what’s the actual price you paid, it’ll probably leave them flabbergasted. The next moment, they’ll do their utmost best to convince you about a shady number of a really good Psychiatrist they know and what do you do? Well, if it was me, I would enjoy it so much, it would have the time of my life.

The fun in wearing such a piece unique, showing everyone without using a single word that you don’t take life too serious, that feeling is amazing. Of course, you have to go to school, work hard and provide your family with the things they need. How different is that when you finish your working week enjoying a few beers and laughing at your watch – together with a bunch of friends. Not because it’s funny, but because you have the guts of being different in life. The value of that is unlimited.

Our advise to you
Please try and understand the ‘why’ in making such a timepiece. It’s much more than ‘just a crazy timepiece’. There’s a vision behind this watch that goes beyond a brand vision, a market story or anything else. Yes, you can buy a lot of other watches for this price, yes they can be more complicated or yes they may have more diamonds – however, I can assure you, you will not buy a watch that makes you realize the best way to walk through life.

So to the unknown buyer of this timepiece: you are officially the coolest individual roaming the earth since T-rex. Enjoy your piece unique!

Visit the Romain Jerome website here.