Another pre Baselworld article to enjoy. Today, two watches that are icons in their own respective ways. The one is very iconic as a ‘Diver’ and the other one is from a whole different category: the classic Calvin Klein wristwatch. Two pieces that can’t be compared to each other, but that doesn’t really matter – since this is not a comparison article.  

Calvin Klein Minimal
Most of the times, I find it hard to appreciate a watch coming from a fashion brand. Not because the quality is bad or something like that, but just because – well, it’s a fashion brand. Fashion brands make watches because they can, not because that’s the core of their existence. That’s a big difference compared to brands that exists purely out of the will to create great timepiece. However, this is not a comparison between one and the other, so I’m sorry for saying that. Not really though. Baselworld

Calvin Klein decided to bring a very minimalistic dress watch to the game. One that’s – because of its design – is logically called the Calvin Klein ‘Minimal’ watch. It’s a watch that has a lot of similarities to the watches that are trending nowadays – think of DW, Cluse, Reclaimed Vintage etc. All fairly affordable timepieces that meet popular fashion aspects from this moment. Baselworld

The Calvin Klein will be available in four different colourways: stainless steel, pink gold PVD, Yellow gold PVD and black PVD. Dials can be silver-toned, blue or black. It’s wearable with a Milanese mesh bracelet (also in the colours of your choice) and a black leather strap. The watch ticks using an ETA 901.001 Quartz calibre and is water resistant up to 30 meters.  Baselworld

I’m sorry, i have to be honest. This watch is too much of the same, so it’s not the ultimate wristcandy King. However, I think that is perfect for the target audience it needs to tackle, so don’t mind me.

No cool for these timepieces. Because the cool has been stolen by all of the other copycats in this category.










Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscape
The Fifty Fathoms is an iconic diver in its own way and – if you have the desire to be original but wish to keep quality – a good alternative for a Submariner or Seamaster. First introduced in 2013, the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscape now comes in a new size: 38mm. The abbys blue colour perfectly fits the wish to discover deep depts (water-resistant up to 300m).  Baselworld

As known, this Bathyscape will also feature a unidirectional bezel, marked with a luminescent dot at 12 o’clock. A handy tool for divers to mark the moment they started their dive. At the heart of this diving legend, the Calibre 1150 provides the necessary power for about 100 hours straight. So if you’re diving with a couple of freight containers full of oxygen, your Bathyscape will never disappoint you.  Baselworld

The Calibre 1150 is actually a technical masterpiece coming from the creative spirits at Blancpain. Using two serie-coupled barrels, this movement is capable of storing a fair amount of energy, delivering the 100 hours of power. Besides that, the balance-spring of this movement is made from silicon. Providing a light, shock-proof material that can’t be influenced by magnetic fields. As a result, the precision of this watch knows less distortion.Baselworld

I really like the Fifty Fathoms, that’s no different with this version. I love me a diver that’s different than the diver that everybody knows. So, yes this Bathyscape is cool. Love it.


The Fifty Fathoms is an icon. It’s permanently cool, so you can’t disagree. Period. Cool.










Visit the Calvin Klein website here.

Visit the Blancpain website here.