Ball Engineer II Volcano
A while ago, I wrote an article about the introduction of the new Ball Engineer II Volcano. This time I had the pleasure of wearing the watch for a few days. Since I already got to wear their World timer, I was very excited to see if this watch would give me a totally different feeling. A difficult one: I decided to wear it on the special black/grey NATO strap, instead of the rubber strap that we are familiar with. Difficult because now – after wearing it – I feel the difference and I must admit: I am missing the comfort of that rubber strap a little bit. Ball Watch

Anti-magnetic specialism
The best aspect of the whole watch is definitely the Mumetal case. As I said in the article I wrote as a result of the introduction: Mumetal is an alloy made out of copper, nickel, iron and molybdenum. Why? Because this thing is anti-magnetic as hell. No seriously, the whole purpose of this material is blocking magnetic fields. The result of this is a watch that looks like a carbon one at first sight, but do not say it like that when talking to someone over at BALL. The brand patented the use of their Mumetal in a watch case and combined with layers of superimposed carbon, this watch can withstand a magnetic field up to a 1000 Gauss.  Ball WatchBall Watch

Alright, I have to admit, calling this watch a heavyweight may be a bit of an exaggeration. However, when first picking it up I thought it would be feather light because of the special material used for the case. This was not the case – well actually it was the case, but you know what I mean. Besides that, with a NATO on a watch, there’s always a huge focus on the watch itself, so there’s some psychological warfare going on here. Ball Watch Ball Watch

You can say whatever you want, but this is the second BALL watch I have worn and I can only say: superb finishing. Of course, I am comparing with watches from the same price range and the same specifications. I am a huge fan of the fact they use Tritium tubes to lighten up the indexes and – in case of other models – other aspects of the watch. I remember wearing this watch whilst reading a Harry Potter book underneath my bedsheets – enough light for reading the entire book in one night. Unbelievable! No, all the jokes aside, they did a great job on this watch. I’m not completely convinced with the choice of polished indexes and hands, but that’s a minor detail. It’s not really disturbing, but I kept imagining how the watch would look with black indexes and hands. I guess that’s just a matter of personal taste. 

As I said, maybe I made a wrong choice by wearing it with a NATO strap. After all, this does something with the comfort of wearing it. I don’t know if I’m explaining this as easy as possible, but let me try my best. When you’re wearing a watch with a canvas NATO strap, the watch itself goes its own way. Only when you strap it around your wrist really tight, it won’t go anywhere. This is a normal thing for wearing a watch on a canvas NATO strap, something you should keep in mind when deciding to wear it like that.  Ball Watch

However, when I wore it true to my wrist, without any space left, it felt really good on my wrist. It’s not extremely light, but light enough to ‘disappear’ on your wrist. The lugs are bend just enough for good comfort, but I can imagine – experiencing the World Timer – that this Engineer II Volcano would fit even better on the rubber strap. If I had to give potential buyers an advice I would say they should choose the rubber strap. Thinking about it, I think that a NATO strap only fits really slim and thin dress watches. Modern-day watches are mostly too ‘buff’ to give you a nice comfort when on a NATO. But then again, that’s my experience, won’t mean a thing for others amongst us. Ball Watch

Overall conclusion
When I look at quality, feeling and design, I have to admit I’m starting to admire BALL Watch Co. more and more. The World Timer was a truly cool piece and this Volcano once again strengthens my love for the brand. In their range, this is absolutely cool stuff. Of course, there’s also a personal matter of taste, but decide for yourself how you like this watch. A slight note though: this watch should definitely be on the rubber strap and maybe have different coloured indexes.

Anyhow, overall I think the Engineer II Volcano is a very cool timepiece. The fact that they are able to create such nicely finished watches with innovative design and functional detail makes it for me a respectable product. I’ve had fun wearing this watch and although some things should be different under my watch – nice one – I will be following Ball Watch Co. for as long as I think it’s necessary. Bye for now, I’ve got a train to catch.

For more information, visit their website here.

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