Dietrich Organic Time 5
Normally our rule for reviews is: wear it a week, hug it and send it back to its rightful owner. However, with this Dietrich, things were a bit different. I failed to follow the rule, I’m sorry Kees, I’m sorry Dietrich. Not because I wanted to, but because it just happened. Result of all of this? Not much, I almost have an intro and I had the ability to build up a good relationship with the OT-5. That last thing is not bad at all. After all, I want to give you a good idea of how this watch wears, feels and works.

Before I go on about the watch, I have to admit. It was a must to review a Dietrich watch, not because it’s new, but because it’s Dietrich. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t – fact is, I like all watches that are far from traditional. And the OT’s from Dietrich are absolutely different in that matter. The design is – to keep it subtle – refreshing and a little crazy. Suits me perfectly. img_3070

Love at first sight
Yes, that’s true. Maybe a bit shocking or a bit of an exaggeration – but I’m not lying when I say that I really like the design. I can imagine speaking about this Dietrich to another watch head and telling him I like the design of the watches just because their ‘different’- no more words needed. In the past, I more than once stressed the fact that I miss originality and the guts to do something that could be stated ‘out of the box’. In my opinion, this is exactly what Emmanuel Dietrich had in mind when he grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil to design this timepiece.

What really caught my eye in this timepiece, was the fact that the ‘dial’ is build out of so many components layered on top of each other. More specifically; there’s no dial at all. Quickly counting all relevant elements (to form the ‘dial’ of this watch) I see 8 different elements which – together – create the open-worked dial of this OT-5. That’s without hands of course. img_3081

img_3069Organic Time doesn’t mean feather light
The timepiece weighs a staggering 128 grams, with strap that is. To be honest, that’s not really light. However, you’ll only notice this when you’re not wearing it. If placed inside the palm of your hand, the comparison with a brick is quickly made. Alright, that’s a joke, but as I said it’s not light. That doesn’t have to be a problem though – and it isn’t. Why? Because Dietrich accompanies it with a great high-quality robust leather strap. At least, that’s how I see it. During the time I wore this timepiece, I never noticed the fact that I strapped 128 grams around my wrist. I would say that’s a job well-done. The OT watches from Dietrich come with a strap that’s laced through the ‘lugs’. In fact these lugs look a bit like supporting bridges or belt buckles. Anyhow, this system makes that the watch is safely strapped around your wrist – and it’s a big change in comfort. It felt really good to wear this watch. I wonder how this will be with a less robust strap or a NATO.img_3047

Great colourway
Why I chose to review the OT-5 is quite simple: I really like the colourway of this timepiece. In description this watch is entitled ‘bronze’ and that’s true. It matches perfectly with a few different shades of brown and the inner copper-looking index-ring. Really cool because it’s different from the standard black, white or blue.

It is hard for me to not be enthusiastic about this timepiece – as you may notice. I really like the design and had a difficult time with noticing any bad things about it. Other than the weight maybe, but that’s not a real bad thing either. I’ve noticed a nice increase in bicep measurement in my left arm. Perks of wearing Organic Time I guess. img_3057

A little criticism never killed nobody
But a review wouldn’t be a review if I’m not totally honest. So, let’s try to be honest. I’ve noticed that I had a hard time finding an aspect of the watch that I dislike. That’s possible, after all one can have a great experience with a watch. However, looking at the design of the Dietrich, you’ll see that it exists out of many different elements. Much more than expected and I think this has a big positive influence on the design – except for one thing.

You see, looking at the dial, I came to the conclusion that the clear visibility of the movement suits it very well. But there’s something missing or should I say – something doesn’t fit right into the total package. Because of the contradiction it is compared to all the other elements. The movement should be as skeletonized as possible in my opinion. This way all the elements are in balance with each other. That’s just my idea of course. Others will say that it’s just perfect the way it is. Anyhow, for me I felt like it wasn’t finished how it should be, every time I looked at the dial. img_3085

Overall conclusion
I have to admit. The watch surprised me in a positive way. I didn’t expect to receive a watch with this level of detail in a price range like this ($1500). Of course, that’s still a fair amount of money, but I can think of watches with far less detail or originality costing four times the price of this one. I’m a fan, not specifically because of one characteristic, just because these watches are different. I like different – a lot.

Dietrich tried to create a timepiece that embodied his desire for balance and sensuality. This has worked out very well, I must admit. All the elements within this timepiece are in perfect harmony and nothing seems too much. There are no details that makes you question what’s their purpose. Everything suits the design very well. Of course, I made a little point when it comes to the movement finishing, but that’s something of my own. After all, it is easy to criticize another man’s product and adjusting it between your ears.

I came to the conclusion that a timepiece like this should be part of anyone’s collection. Why? Well, for starters, the design is something different. It’s not a case you remember from 10 other timepieces. The dial and indexes do not remind of ‘a certain vintage timepiece’. Just because of that, I think this timepiece is well-executed and suits it purpose like a tailored suit.

A little side note: please consider using a different sapphire crystal in the future. It’s a real pain in the arse for shooting pictures. Or maybe my photographic skills are far beneath a desired level. Hmm.img_3092

Case and frame in 316L stainless steel,

micro-bead blasted and brushed, coated

with brown PVD, bezel and crown in

micro-bead blasted and brushed bronze.

Modified automatic mechanical movement

Miyota 82-S-7 with an open view on the

escapement dial side.

4 layered dial: first layer sun brushed light

brown colour, second layer vertical

brushed brown colour, third layer sun

brushed dark copper colour and fourth

layer vertical brushed black.

Hour, minute, small second and 24 hour


Water resistant up to 50 meters_/_5 ATM.

Classic Tritec C5 “Super-Luminova” on

hands and indexes underneath the

sapphire glass and on the 24 hour


Bronze color hands.

Custom cut Sapphire glass with anti-glare

coating on top.

Bronze crown with brown PVD sealed with

double O-ring.

Black PVD steel hex screws on bezel and

engraved back.


Length: 48 mm

Width of case: 46 mm

Total width including the crown: 49mm

Height: 13.7 mm

Weight with strap: about 128 gr.


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