Today, we have – once again – the privilege to talk to a real gentleman. A man who lives for his passion of shoes and watches. Two essential details, expressing who you are without words. A true gentleman wears the right shoes and knows exactly the right timepiece for the occasion. If you’re a true watch enthusiast, or just looking for a style icon, you should know the Instagram account with the ‘watch head’. It’s not a 21th century Terminator, no, it’s the page where luxury timepieces and bespoke leather dress shoes meet each other. We are talking about @whatmakesmetick.


An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak on the wrist. Whatmakesmetick©

Since a couple of months, there’s a second page connected with this man. @the_vintage_lounge is an Instagram page fully dedicated to vintage timepieces. Needless to say, worth a follow. If you only like the shoes on his original page, my guess is you won’t like this page. However, I can’t imagine that any of you gents reading this doesn’t like watches. I mean we are men after all, we like women, cars, shoes and watches. Don’t we?


The man behind this great page, let’s call him A. because we like to keep it mysterious, had a few minutes of spare time for us. We were able to ask him a few questions. It’s great to hear the story behind pictures, especially when you don’t know how an individual becomes good in what he does. If you’re a true watch enthusiast, you will enjoy reading his answers and you should definitely go and check out his page.


Urwerk Geneve UR210. Whatmakesmetick©

Urwerk Geneve UR210. Whatmakesmetick©

-Hello Mr. Whatmakesmetick, could you tell us who you are?
I am a marketing consultant for premium luxury brands.

-Most people know you from your Instagram accounts with a great deal of amazing timepieces to show for it, to show the mister behind all those great watches that went through your fingers, when did your passion started?
I have been interested in watches as far as I recall but obviously it became more serious when I started making a living as I could start buying watches and not only read about them!

-What was your first premium watch? How did you became interested for that particular model?
Obviously when I started I bought mostly mid-level watches such as Oris or Maurice Lacroix; who gave a big bang for your buck, but I think my very 1st premium watch was a Daniel Roth (brand doesn’t exist anymore and bought by Bulgari). I loved the design of the piece.


A Vintage Vacheron Constantin. Whatmakesmetick©

-Over the years you’ve achieved a great collection of timepieces and your fair share of knowledge, how did you become so successful?
I wouldn’t call myself successful, I think that I have been lucky and have had great mentors. But you know, all the watches I post on my IG feed are not mine, sometimes I just take the photos.

-What part of watchmaking, collecting and innovating do you find interesting?
Undoubtedly the people, may it be the watchmakers behind the watch or the other collectors. the human aspect is extremely important for me.

-Would you like to tell us something about your personal favourite(s)?
I don’t have a favourite watch, or rather my favourites change continuously but right now I’m mostly wearing what seems two opposites: either modern contemporary watches such as DeBethune, Urwerk or MB&F or vintage!

The De Bethune DB25. Whatmakesmetick©

The De Bethune DB25. Whatmakesmetick©

-What’s the greatest icon when it comes to watches in your opinion?
There are so many but an icon is one that resists the test of time and there are the usual suspects such as the Reverso or the Royal Oak, but there are also modern icons such as The A Lange & Sohne Lange 1, the DeBethune DB28 or the Urwerk 103.

-How do you transmit your passion?
I just talk about watches with great passion and there are those who already have a bit of the watch bug and who get transported, or my friends who don’t care about watches and tell me to stop talking after 5 minutes!

-If you could give a few tips for starters, what would they be?
Don’t believe the marketing hype, read as much as you can and try to understand what you’re buying. Watches are expensive so make sure that what you’re buying is something you’ll be happy to be wearing on your wrist every day.