Vintage; never to be forgotten

As we proceed in the 21th century, our timepieces become much more sophisticated than ever and complications are limitless. Sure, we can’t deny some of the latest watches to be introduced to the world of enthusiasts are porn to the eye. However, the fact that people have been using all their knowledge to create great watch long before you and i were born is enough reason for us to always keep a special place in our heart for the vintage Zenith’s, Omega’s and Patek’s out there.

The feeling you get when holding a watch that has made it through the Second World War, that feeling can’t be compared to anything else. Don’t get it wrong, each new watch made nowadays is a piece of art, craftmanship. A vintage watch just has a sort of warm embracement telling you ‘yes i’m the result of putting hours of work and knowledge together’.

To respect these ‘forgotten diamonds’, we will keep you updated on the latest news about every great vintage watch out there. There’s nothing wrong with going back in time for the best time, don’t you think?