Dear readers, hello.

I would like to say sorry. Sorry for leaving you in the dark the past couple of weeks. Sorry for not being able to bring anything about the latest things in the industry. But, above all, sorry for not doing anything with the passion I used to do things with.

House of Chronos was quiet, way too quiet. Why? Well, I feel the need to share a bit about it with you guys.

Me and Kees, we have known each other for about a year or 2/3 now. We’ve always talked about watches passionately and we both share our own vision and opinion regarding this subject. I must admit, our collaboration has always been one that felt very good and seemed to be endless – regarding ideas, creativity and wishes.

However, as in each collaboration, there are a few differences here and there too. Differences that, if taken care of properly, will not affect the process and project you’re working on. Differences that, no matter how big they are, should always be discussed and solved.

We worked on House of Chronos with a lot of passion and each of us had his own qualities and share within the evolving process. Still, we’ve reached ‘the point of no return’ – so said the dramatic thinking movie-director. No really, we’ve reached a point in which thoughts and wishes would differ too much from each other to make it work properly and certain adult decisions need to be made.

As a result of this process, we’ve been quiet for quite some time. Thinking about solutions and directions which would suit us both.

I write this statement purely out of my own vision, which means I’m not delivering you the vision of Kees within this process. However, I tend to think that he agrees when I say that we are looking for an outcome that won’t harm our passion in any kind of way.

Now, what will the outcome be for House of Chronos? I can’t tell you that – yet. We are looking for a good way of assuring that the watch-loving journey continues, but this takes time (how ironic).

I CAN tell you that there will be more of us, of Kees and of me in the near future. In which shape or form, let that be a surprise. For now, I hope you guys understand the situation and won’t forget about us.

Yours sincerely,