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I see you thinking, another watch blog… why? Because we love watches. The reason for us to start this blog is quite simple. We live in an era that’s ruled by technology, especially the digital technology. In our opinion a watch is more than just a practical accessory, it’s a piece of art. With the smart watches taking over, we are here to reach out for all the true watch enthusiasts out there. The traditional watch can’t be forgotten and has to keep its rightful place in the lives of human beings.

Who are we? We are Kees Baars and Remco Schrans; two men with a passion for beautiful design and complicated technology – elements that meet each other in watches. As coincidence may have it, our passion for watches comes from our dads. Both men have a soft spot for those pieces of art created for your wrist.  The search for a timepiece that grabs you, without even thinking about the practical use is what makes us enthusiastic about watches. You could talk to us about the looks of a watch or the calibre hiding behind the dial – it’s a thing without limits.

We have no judgement about a certain timepiece or brand. A watch is an extension of your personality and can tell more than a thousand words about the person wearing it. If you like your watch with as much complications as possible that’s fine, appreciating the more classical piece isn’t bad either. As long as you look further than the exterior – crave to know everything behind the technique in your watch – you are at the right place here at House of Chronos.

We hope you have as much fun reading this blog as we have creating it for you. ‘Haute Horology’ doesn’t have to be exclusive. We bring you everything you want to know on watches, new collections, manufacturer calibres and jewellers.

Enjoy reading watch heads.


Remco and Kees

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