The Glashütte 60’s – again
It was October 2015. A memorable day for Glashütte, introducing their ‘Sixties iconic collection’. A collection of five watches, each inspired by the golden years of musical uprising, love, peace and happiness. I remember the introduction of that collection as if it was yesterday. Oh my, what a joy, a collection inspired by a decade I never knew and still – one that got me right away. I wrote a nice article, introducing these five beauties. It was a pleasure and I did it, purely out of selfish happiness for this collection.  Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

Now, more than a year later, Glashütte comes with a new Sixties collection. One that’s almost an exact copy of the first one. However, these new additions know one big difference compared to the first five bad boys. These new ones come in a square-shaped case. And if you ask me, that’s were my deeply-rooted love for the Sixties collection came to an end. Broken, unable to be fixed and above all – I feel cheated on. Why? Well, something that’s original should never be given a 2.0 version, unless it’s an individual icon (for all you Speedmaster, Daytona and Royal Oak freaks out there).  Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

This has never worked out, take for instance Mission Impossible. The first one was good, all the ones that followed were worse – that’s not because Tom Cruise is aging. Jurassic Park? Same story. The best example of all? Definitely the Lion King. I mean come on, if – and I say if – you also shed a tear during the second movie, it was fake. Period.  

Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is fairly obvious, even if you do like square-shaped watches, the romance, the spark.. it will never be the same as it was with the introduction of the Sixties iconic collection in 2015. However, it is very important to keep in mind that I’m speaking for myself, and myself only. After all, we received the news and although I feel the need to tell you this, it’s also important that you know there are new models coming from the German brand. Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

Beauty can be found in dials
What I DO like about these five new models is the fact that they – of course – share the same lacquer dials as the ones from 2015. I think this is a visual aspect perfectly executed by Glashütte and I really admire the different phases in the colouring of each dial. Whereas most brands try something different by applying Guilloche to their dials, Glashütte experiments with colour styles, resulting in truly mesmerizing dials. 

I loved these colours at the first collection, and I do love ‘m in this collection. It’s more than the ‘sunburst’ or ‘deep black’ that most brands fit on their watches. The watches are respectively named by their colour style: Sixties Iconic Forest, Sixties Iconic Ocean, Sixties Iconic Graphite and Sixties Iconic Fire. Resulting in five amazing timepieces with a dial that’s different from each angle. Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

Another ‘big’ difference
To be honest, there’s another big difference compared to their round elderly brothers. If you inspect the pictures, with the first collection firmly imprinted in the back of your head, you’ll probably notice it right away. That’s right, these new ones are chronographs. A cool decision, since chronographs were the sh*t in those days, but still that doesn’t change the shape of the case. Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

What’s a good decision when it comes to the design, is the fact that they chose to use a chronograph with two sub-dials. After all, this gives that vintage look we all seek in watches nowadays. Or at least, that’s the impression I have.  

Anyhow, I think this new collection of squares isn’t really that bad as I’m trying to make you believe in the beginning of this article. It’s just that the love between me and the 2015 models is rock-solid and can’t be broken by a few pebble stones. Never, ever.

For more information on this collection, visit the website right here.

 Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection

Glashütte Sixties Iconic Square CollectionGlashütte Sixties Iconic Square Collection