A Happy Birthday for the President of Watch land
The president of Watch land celebrates its 60th birthday this year. So Rolex decided to celebrate this birthday with a selection of their finest retailers to bring an ode to their Head of State ‘The Rolex Day-Date.’

We went to visit the Day-Date Exhibition; taking place from the 5th of December until the 12th at Schaap & Citroen Jewellers in The Hague. We can happily announce that anyone can visit this exhibition and we advise you to go and take a look. Besides that, Schaap & Citroen is a very nice jeweller with a rich history and their fair share of Rolex knowledge. Being an official Rolex dealer since 1955.

Interactive Day-Date Wall

The official President
Officially, we have to call this Rolex: The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. A lot of people will know this timepiece by its unofficial name ‘The President’s Watch’. Of course this name comes from the fact that a lot of Presidents and Heads of State have worn this specific Rolex in the past. When this model was introduced 60 years ago, Rolex only used precious metals for its production – with a few exceptions here and there.

The 36mm version has been amongst us for quite a while now, then the Day-Date II appeared with a measurement of 41mm. Finally last year, the perfect size for a Day-Date has been found: 40mm. In my opinion the best looking size for ‘Mr. President’.

Rolex Day-Date 40mm

Even the president needs a new calibre every once in a while
As we all know, in lifetime span of 60 years, one may need a new hip or knee. The same goes for the Day-Date. Last year, Rolex equipped this watch with a complete new calibre: The calibre 3255 . You may argue if such an important part of a watch can be compared with a hip or a knee, but hey, it’s all about movement isn’t it?

This calibre set a new standard in terms of the ‘Superlative Chronometer’ title. With a staggering total of 14 patents, this movement improved a lot when it comes to precision, having a power reserve of 70 hours, being shock-resistant and more resistant to magnetic fields. Being fitted with the ‘Chronergy Escapement’, this bad boy is nothing less than 15% more efficient than its older brothers. Oh boy, those are some numbers. On top of that, the escapement is created out of nickel-phosphorus making it more anti-magnetic than before. In passionate words, Rolex says:

´ The Chronergy Escapement is no longer in alignment but slightly offset, affording greater distance between the pallet fork and the balance wheel, thus multiplying the lever effect. The escape wheel has a cut-out designed to make it lighter and reduce its inertia. The result of extensive research, it is characterized by reversed length ratios between the escape wheel teeth and the pallet stones: while the thickness of the latter has been reduced by half, the contact surfaces of the escape wheel teeth have been doubled.’

Rolex Day-Date 40 Wite Gold Ref. 228239

More left in the Make-over
When we reach the age of 60 years, some of us could decide to do a little plastic surgery here and there. After all, getting old doesn’t necessarily mean becoming more beautiful; especially when you crossed a certain age. The same as it is for us humans, the Day-date showed a little signs of wear and tear too. The presidential bracelets used to loosen up after a while and that’s something no watch enthusiast will ever like. So Rolex gave the model a bracelet fitted with ceramic tubes inside the links; assuring a smooth bracelet for years to come. No more plastic surgery needed ever again.

The latest addition in our Presidential Rolex collection comes in four different tastes; a 950 Platinum one and three 18Ct. golden versions in yellow, white and Everose gold. Besides that, the Day-Date has been equipped with different new dials. All of this assures me that this new President will be ready for another term of about 60 years.

Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum Ref.228206

A Rolex will never change the world. We leave that to the people who wear them.

Visit the President at Schaap & Citroen
To enrich yourself with the history of Watch land’s most famous President, I would advise you to pay Schaap & Citroen in The Hague a visit. There are still 3 more days left to enjoy the exhibition and it’s definitely worth a visit. If you’re not sure yet where to shop for Christmas this year, I say destination The Hague. Feel free to enter the Schaap & Citroen boutique to watch the interactive videos of the watch, select different dials and of course give it a wrist try-out to ensure yourself of a good Christmas present.

We want to thank the team over at Schaap & Citroen The Hague for their hospitality; it was our pleasure to visit.

To conclude this one, some last words:



Schaap & Citroen