Mr. Nguyen in front of his personal favourite. Kenny Nguyen©

The well-known face of ‘Jewelers on Time’; Mr. Kenny Nguyen.
Jewelers on Time is a creation of Alberto Frosio, the third generation in a family of watchmakers. As a place where passion is brought to the audience, Jewelers on Time is a place where they understand what true passion means and this reflects in their services. In 2004 a new person was added to the successful team, called Kenny Nguyen. If you ever get the chance to stop by at their store in New Port Beach, don’t mistake Kenny for his brother Victor – they are twins and besides the fact they look the same, they share exactly the same huge amount of watch passion and knowledge. Double the trouble you could say. We had the pleasure to speak a few words with Kenny about his passion and his personal favourites. After all, he is a well-known man in the watch selling industry, helping clients like Charlie Sheen, Scott Disick and Juwan Howard.

Mr. Nguyen in front of his personal favourite. Kenny Nguyen©

Mr. Nguyen in front of his personal favourite. Kenny Nguyen©

-Hello mister Nguyen, could you tell us who you are?-
My name is Kenny Nguyen, I do the buying and selling for Jewelers on Time. Here at Jewelers on Time, we specialize in sales and service of pre-owned Rolex watches.


-Most people know you from your experience in watches, to show the mister behind all those great watches that went through your fingers, when did your passion started?-
My first “nice” watch was a Movado Sport Edition. I bought it when I was in the 7th grade. I was drawn to that watch since I loved playing tennis and the number #1 ranked tennis player at the time, Pete Sampras, endorsed this watch. I still have the watch and just keep it as a reminder of what got me interested in watches.

The first watch from Kenny accompanied by his true passion: two Patek's. Kenny Nguyen©

The first watch from Kenny accompanied by his true passion: two Patek’s. Kenny Nguyen©

-What was your first premium watch? How did you became interested for that particular model?-
I guess you can say my “1st real watch” was a Rolex Submariner non-date. I bought it in high school. I couldn’t afford the date version so I had to settle for the non-date mode. I still remember, I bought it for 1200. Wore it for a few months then when I sold it, I got 1650. I was like wow, I got to wear a Rolex and I made money. I thought what more could I guy ask for.


-Over the years you became an understanding in the world of watches, how did you become so succesfull?-
I say in sales, if you have a good product or service, then it sells itself. I love the brand, it’s a watch that is easily recognizable and of high quality. We’ve been in business since 1991. We’re known for our service canter, catering to other dealers and private individuals. A lot of our success comes from the thousands of customers that have bought from us and had their watches serviced and refer their friends. Customers can buy from any dealer since the watches are the same, but I say when they buy from Jewelers on Time, they are buying me and that’s the same as buying passion and knowledge. I want to help them in the best way possible. Not only selling the product, but also the heritage and the story behind each watch.

A box full of class. Kenny's Patek's and his Datograph Lange & Sohne. Kenny Nguyen©

A box full of class. Kenny’s Patek’s and his Lange & Sohne duo. Kenny Nguyen©

-What part of watchmaking, collecting and innovating do you find interesting?-
For me, the watches are cool but what I enjoy the most is meeting and talking to my customers. They all have different backgrounds but share the same passion for their watches.


-Would you like to tell us something about your personal favourite(s)?-
Well my 3 favourite watch brands are Rolex, Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Sohne. Can’t go wrong with any Rolex watch, they look great and can be worn with a suite or shorts. It’s just a good everyday watch, always classic looking and will never go out of style. Iconic watches, similar to Porsche. Patek Philippe is considered the best money can buy. I love Patek’s since no one knows what they are. You can wear a 100K watch and it does not attract any attention. It’s “stealth wealth”. When it comes to A. Lange & Sohne, they make the best looking movements in my opinion. Especially with the Datograph. I say Lange & Sohne is the only other watch brand to be considered in the same class as a Patek Philippe for me anyways.

"Nothing looks better than a Lange movement". Kenny Nguyen©

“Nothing looks better than a Lange movement”. Kenny Nguyen©

-What’s the greatest icon when it comes to watches in your opinion?-
In my opinion, the 3 most iconic watches are

  1. Omega Speedmaster Professional “Man on the Moon” watch
  2. Rolex Stainless steel Submariner Date
  3. Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona

These watches will always be a timeless classic, as a kid growing up, I’ve dreamed of owning these timepieces, I’ve accomplished that then wanted to take it to the next level. That’s when I got into Patek and A. Lange & Sohne.

-If you could give a few tips for starters, what would they be?-
Believe in the product or service you’re offering. Most importantly believe in yourself. There will be up’s and downs, the road to “success” is not an easy one. Enjoy the journey.

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