Watch collectors come in all shapes and sizes. There are collectors that search for particular complications, some only want skeletonized timepieces and others only collect watches from a specific brand. This last category tends to contain collectors that have a lot similar with a brand’s history book. They know everything about the brand they collect and by everything, we mean sometimes more than one could expect. We love the stories behind a collector, that’s why we’ve dedicated a rubric on our website to this special specimen.

This time we share our moment with Jasem Al Zeraei – most of you will know him as the famous @patekaholic. Patek Philippe is a watch brand known by many and respected by many. Called out to be a brand that has almost no equal, it’s a watch, a passion, followed by a lot of watch enthusiasts. Mr. Al Zeraei was kind enough to tell us his thoughts about watches and everything surrounding them.

Patek Philippe 5235G Regulator. Patekaholic©

Patek Philippe 5235G Regulator. Patekaholic©

-Hello mister Al Zeraei, could you tell us who you are?-
I’m a collector and lover of mechanical watches, however I do tend to love Patek Philippe more than any other brand.

-Most people know you from your great collection of Pateks, to show the mister behind all those great watches that went through your fingers, when did your passion started?-
I doubt my collection can be labelled as “great”, I’m still very young in the collecting world and have a ways to go. I however am as passionate and dedicated to collecting fine wristwatches and I don’t see an end anytime in the future. My passion started when I was very little as I have always asked my parents for a watch for any birthday or occasion that I can exploit. My admiration and appreciation for Patek’s only started in my mid 20’s when I was introduced to the brand by a friend and I fell in love immediately.

-What was your first premium watch? How did you became interested for that particular model?-
I would say my first Omega Seamaster as I collected the weekly spending money my dad gave me in high school in order to buy one nice watch, and I did at the end of 1998. I remember the many days that I used to take it off and admire it for hours, I wish I had kept that watch but it has long been passed and I’m sure someone out there is enjoying it as much as I have.

-Over the years we got to know your passion and the watches you love, how did you became the successful collector you are nowadays?
I don’t think I am successful. I’m just one of many passionate watch lovers out there sharing their passion on social media platforms.

-What part of watchmaking, collecting and innovating do you find interesting?-
I love it all, from design, innovation, execution, the world of watch making is to me as desirable as it is for a person who loves art that hangs on the wall. For me a Patek is a Picasso on the wrists.

A 5070 anyone? Patekaholic©

A 5070 anyone? Patekaholic©

-Would you like to tell us something about your personal favourite(s)?-
I love bigger case Patek’s like 5070’s and 5970’s and 5271’s and 5074’s because of my large wrist size. But honestly, I do love all watches, if I had a smaller wrists I’d be neck deep in old 40’s and 50’s steel Patek’s.

-What’s the greatest icon when it comes to watches in your opinion?-
Mr. Henry Graves.

-How do you transmit your passion?-
It’s all I talk about to be honest, may be boring for some but for me it’s a never ending discussion and a passion and I transmit it either in person or behind my Instagram page.

-If you could give a few tips for starters, what would they be?-
Buy what you love, cherish what you own and always do your homework before you buy.


For the best Patek timepieces roaming the world, visit Jasem’s Instagram profile here.